What are the services offer by a Senior Building Surveyor?

Kyrillos Ghaly

The construction industry is booming, with new projects all over the world. However, not all building projects are successful because they don’t meet their goals or comply with building regulations. It is where Senior Building Surveyor come into play. Building Surveyors provide services to homeowners and construction companies that help them avoid costly mistakes or further problems later on down the line.

Know the responsibilities of a Buildings Surveyor

A Building Surveyor’s role is crucial to our buildings’ health, safety and security. A Building Surveyor is responsible for undertaking building surveys, providing advice on building matters, checking the state of a facility, offering guidance to the client on what work needs to be perform and checking that buildings are safe and secure. The list below outlines some additional duties that Building Surveyors may carry out:

  • advising clients on how best to protect their property from damage or loss through appropriate maintenance practices
  • advising clients on whether works should be perform by professionals or DIYers (do-it-yourselfers)

Learn about the services offered by them

Building Surveyors are professional consultants that provide guidance and advice on a wide range of building matters. The services provided by them can be divid into two broad categories:

  • Condition Surveys: These surveys are carry out to determine a property’s condition, including the existing defects and problems.
  • Defect Analysis: Defect analysis is perform to determine whether the defects identified during the initial survey have been repair or not. It also helps identify whether any further repairs are needed, if so what type of work would be required?
  • Measured Surveys/Plans: Measured surveys/plans may be require at different stages of your project such as planning permission applications, construction drawings preparation etc.
    Kyrillos Ghaly

Obtain comprehensive report

To provide you with an accurate, thorough and comprehensive report, your Building Surveyor must be able to obtain as much information about the property as possible. It includes checking for construction defects, structural problems, and issues with building services such as water supply and drainage systems, electrical wiring and plumbing. In addition to inspecting the building itself, they will also inspect any related areas including gardens or lawns. Any trees or shrubs that appear to be overgrown may need pruning back to ensure that they pose no threat to surrounding buildings or their occupants.

The expert surveyor will offer a comprehensive report to you.

After the survey is complete, the report will contain a detailed description of the property’s condition. It will include all observations made during the inspection and recommendations for any remedial works required to bring it up to current standards or make it safe. The surveyor will also advise you on maintaining and repairing your property. In addition, they may advise on other maintenance issues such as damp proofing, ventilation or heat loss problems which can negatively impact your health and comfort levels when living on a property.

Condition Survey

A Condition Survey is a detailed report of the current condition of your property. It is design to help you understand the current condition of your property and how this may affect its value. A Condition Survey will also help you identify any defects or damage that need to be repair. A Building Survey will include a full structural survey, including cavity walls and foundations; it will also include an inspection of all services such as electricity, water and gas supplies as well as drainage, heating systems and other appliances (for example, boilers).

Defect Analysis

Defect analysis is the process of identifying defects in a property. It is a detailed inspection of the building to identify defects and issues. You can carry out this service yourself or use a surveyor to help you with this task. Defects are usually categorise as minor, major or critical defects. Minor defects may not necessarily need fixing immediately. Still, they should be fix if they’re causing problems such as making it difficult for people who live there or visitors like contractors coming over to do their job correctly.

Measured Surveys/Plans

Measured surveys, also known as plans and measured building surveys, are used to record the exact dimensions of a property. These can be useful when you want to know the measurements of a building and its features to inform future decisions about it. For example, you might use them if you’re planning renovations or making alterations that require approval from your local council or planning body. Measured City Plan Services will tell you how big the property is and what materials are use in its construction.

Party Wall Matters

Party Wall matters are the legal agreements develop between the owners of two adjoining properties. They allow the owners to work on their property without damaging their neighbour’s property. These agreements are necessary as they allow the owners to work on their property without damaging their neighbour’s property.

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Building Surveyor at City Plan Services is qualified to assess a property’s structural and architectural condition. They can also look at any issues with the services and amenities, such as electricity supply or water damage. It helps people make informed decisions when buying or selling homes, which is why we recommend calling one if you’re unsure about anything relating to your property.


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