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Services for Pizza Party Catering Sydney

Looking for the best Pizza Party Catering Sydney? We’ve got you covered. Our fully licensed, professional and experienced team can care for your needs. Call us today to book your next event!

Sydney’s favourite mobile Woodfire Pizza Catering Sydney service.

We have been in business for many years and are the leading mobile Woodfired Pizza Catering Sydney service in Sydney. We use only the freshest ingredients to prepare our pizzas for every event. Our woodfire oven brings a unique flavour to our pizzas that cannot be matched by other pizza caterers. We are the only mobile Woodfire Pizza Catering Sydney service that uses this technology!

Pizza Party Catering SydneyWe have been providing Pizza Catering Sydney services for over 20 years. We have a large range of options for our customers and can cater for any event. We are the only mobile Woodfired Pizza Catering Sydney service that uses this technology!

Our Wood Fired Pizza Catering Sydney trailer holds up to 8 pizzas at a time.

Our Wood Fired Pizza Catering Sydney trailer holds up to 8 pizzas at a time. It can be used for all occasions, such as weddings, parties, corporate events and more. The trailer can also be used outdoors or indoors, allowing you to cater for large groups of people.

We offer a variety of options for all types of events, from birthday parties to corporate functions. Our Woodfired Pizzas are baked in 90 seconds and can be served with a variety of toppings.

We can cater for small groups of people, as well as large functions. Our staff will be on hand to serve the pizzas and ensure that your guests are happy with their meals. We offer a range of options, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Our Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering Sydney ovens are unique because they are handcrafted by us.

Our Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering Sydney are unique because they are handcrafted by us, using only the best quality materials. Our ovens are designed to be mobile and easy to use, allowing you to easily cater for your guests without having to worry about space or equipment.

Our pizza ovens can cook pizzas in a short amount of time with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring that every person gets their food exactly as they want it.

The pizza oven is built using natural materials and stones, which gives it a rustic look. It features an electric pizza oven that can cook up to eight pizzas at a time. The trailer has been designed with an Italian-inspired design and comes in a variety of colours.

We cook using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients where Pizza Mobile Catering Sydney service is possible.

With Pizza Mobile Catering Sydney, you can trust that we’ll bring the freshness of local ingredients to your event. Our caterers use what’s freshest and best, from produce grown just down the street to pasta made with flour from Australia’s own wheat belt.

We know that quality is important when it comes to catering services Sydney has to offer. That’s why we take care in choosing which ingredients we serve at your party—the best of what our city has to offer will be on display at your next event!

We have a large range of gluten-free pizza options available, including our popular Hawaiian pizza, the Margherita, and our Gourmet range. We can also create customized gluten-free pizzas to suit your needs. If you’re looking for something other than pizza, then don’t worry; we also offer a wide range of other menu items, including salads and desserts. Our caterers have years of experience in the catering industry, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing. We also take pride in our customer service and our attention to detail; we want your event to be one people talk about for years to come!!

We can provide gluten-free Pizza Oven Catering Sydney to any dietary requirements on request.

Gluten-free pizza is made from special flour and does not contain any gluten. Pizza Oven Catering Sydney is cooked in the same way as all our pizzas and is not prepared in any other way. Gluten-free pizzas can be ordered for collection from our store or delivered at your chosen time and location.

Gluten-free pizza can be ordered for delivery to anywhere within the Sydney CBD area (see the Delivery tab on our menu page). If you’re having a party at home or are looking to cater for a large group, we can also deliver gluten-free pizza directly to your door using our mobile pizza ovens!

Our pizza ovens are also great for cooking other foods, such as bread, chicken and vegetables. We have a range of models available to suit any size or budget, so you can find one that will work perfectly for your needs.

Our delicious Handmade Woodfire Pizzas are made on-site using our unique mobile Pizza Van Catering Sydney.

Our delicious Handmade Woodfire Pizzas are made on-site using our unique mobile Pizza Van Catering Sydney.

Our Woodfired ovens are hand built and unique, so you can be assured your guests will enjoy fresh, hot pizzas that have been cooked in an authentic Italian woodfired oven. The pizza menu includes a variety of traditional toppings such as Pepperoni, Margherita and Chicken & mushrooms. We also cater for dietary requirements, including gluten-free bases and vegan cheese.

We can tailor a menu to your specific requirements – just ask us!

Choose from our delicious range of pizzas, or if you prefer, we can tailor a menu to your specific requirements.

If you prefer, we can tailor a menu to your specific requirements. We offer a delicious range of pizzas and pasta, salads and desserts, as well as drinks.

A typical buffet might include the following:

  • Pizza – Hawaiian or vegetarian
  • Pasta with meatballs or bolognese sauce (vegetarian option available)
  • Salad including rocket salad and feta cheese with balsamic dressing
  • Dessert includes chocolate mousse cake and slices of fresh fruit

Drinks – Cola, lemonade or water. When you order a buffet package, you’ll receive a menu with the following details:

  • The date and time of your booking (we can cater for any time during the day)
  • A list of ingredients we use in our food (so you know what’s in it)
  • Our prices

Mobile Pizza Van Catering Sydney for all occasions in Sydney

  • Sydney, NSW Pizza Mobile Catering Sydney

To make the Pizza Van Catering Sydney occasion a memorable one, you need a catering company that can offer quality services. When it comes to pizza caterers in Sydney, there are many options available for your party. However, we believe that our services stand out from the rest because we focus on your needs and provide a wide range of options for you. Our team is experienced in organizing parties for all occasions: Woodfired Pizza Catering Sydney.


We’re not just pizza. We’re the best pizza. We’ve been in the business for ten years and have won many awards along the way, so you can be assured that your food will be top-notch.

We are passionate about our food and know that it takes more than just great ingredients to make a good meal; it also needs to be prepared with care and attention to detail. Our chefs take pride in creating delicious meals for every occasion, and we want you to be satisfied with our service from start to finish! Our mission is simple: offer reliable, friendly customer service and give everyone who comes through our doors an enjoyable experience with each visit, so they return again and again!

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