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Promoting your brand with pad printing is still popular in Sydney

What is an Advertising Pad Printing Technique?

Modern pad printing is a popular and inexpensive way to decorate any product with a flat or smooth surface. The pad print provides an attractive and clean finish when used in bulk products, making it suitable for most products in the cubic promote the range, including stress balls, branded stationery books, reusable coffee cups, and much more!

The pad printing process involves transferring ink to advertising materials using a plastic or metal plate that reflects your custom design. This means that we can brand in bulk products with a high degree of accuracy. Thus, if you want to promote your business most effectively, you should use pad printing in Sydney.

How Do We Make A Brand Using Pad Printing?

Professionals start the promotional pad print process by getting a high-quality logo or slogan file from you. Then, they take this work of art and make a compelling film. Then they design a cliché, which is a kind of print plate. These plates are made of plastic or silicon, but in some cases, metal is also used. Then, they transfer your artwork film to the plate surface and expose it to UV light before attaching the design to the plate. They will need to repeat this process for each print color in your logo to ensure a unique plate for each.

Then the design is put on the plate, they start printing your custom design directly into the advertising products. They cover the plate with thick, durable custom-made ink to meet your colour needs. The ink is then stamped directly on your product using a plate. Each qualified professional printer completes this process. If your promotional item is film-coated or has a glossy finish, they need to complete a special pre-treatment before they can start printing. This additional treatment usually involves burning or baking the product to ensure it reaches a smooth surface.

They use quality ink in their pad printing process, using different inks depending on the product in question. They have inks with additives that guarantee the best performance in plastics, inks with extra guarantees for pottery and glassware. These variables will affect the durability and health of the printer, as it will have UV rays and daily ageing.

Benefits of Pad Printing


  • It’s flexible! Pad printing applies to any smooth and flat surface.
  • Economics! Pad printing in Sydney is a cheap way to achieve good results as print settings are affordable and straightforward.
  • Faster! The ink dries quickly when you print the pad, which means we can get your promotional products packed and on the go IMMEDIATELY.
  • Detailed! Pad printing can achieve fine details, which means it fits sophisticated logos.
  • Colors! Although touches are more expensive, most print colors are accessible by padding, unlike screen printing. 4 color processing is now available on some machines.


Disadvantages of Pad Printing


  • We cannot print fully; color the image using pad printing.
  • We cannot print color gradients using pad printing as well. Only Pantone color palettes are possible.
  • Printing will diminish or fade over time with everyday wear. We cannot avoid this.
  • The marking area of the pad print is limited due to the size of the ink-absorbing pad. We cannot make a large design with pad printing.


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