Deep Cycle Systems 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter

1000 watt pure sine wave inverter

As a serious owner of solar panels, you need an inverter that can run your appliances when there is no sun. The DCS 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter does just that. It’s reliable, efficient and easy to set up.

Key Specifications

The unit’s continuous power is 1000W, and the surge power is 2000W. The voltage of this pure sine wave inverter is 12VDC/24VDC, making it compatible with virtually all batteries. In addition to its versatility in operating voltage, the DCS pure sine wave inverter also offers very high-efficiency levels, with typical efficiency rates of>90%. It means that 90% of your battery’s stored energy goes into powering your appliances instead of being wasted as heat or lost through inefficiency. The Dcs pure sine wave power inverter has a built-in LED display with which you can conveniently monitor what’s going on inside your system. The display shows output frequency (60Hz), input voltage (12V or 24V), load current and total DC amps consumption by connected equipment. The inverter comes with a built-in battery charger, making it an ideal solution for your devices that need power when there’s no access to AC outlets. It has reverse polarity, over-current protection, and battery status. The inverter cost  depends upon the specifications  such as power supply, voltage, efficiency and discharge rate. This inverter also has a built-in fan that automatically kicks in when needed to keep your system cool and run smoothly.

Continuous power: 1000W

The Continuous Power of the Pure Sine Wave Inverter is 1000W, and its Surge Power is 2000W. It has a 12VDC/24VDC voltage output and comes with an LED display for easy monitoring of your battery life and other critical information. The Pure Sine Wave Inverter is perfect for running various power tools, home appliances and more. With this inverter, you can be sure that you’ll always have the power you need when you need it most.
1000 watt pure sine wave inverter

Surge power: 2000W

The surge power of the product can vary depending on the specifications of your device. Surge power is the maximum amount of power an inverter can supply for a short period, usually 10 seconds. It is measured in watts and is often higher than continuous power (the amount of energy needed over an hour). The surge power rating of a device is usually higher than its continuous power rating. If you have an appliance that uses a lot of power, such as an air conditioner, the surge power should be able to handle it without causing damage to your inverter or batteries.

Voltage: 12VDC/24VDC

This inverter can convert 12VDC to 120VAC at 2000W continuous or 24VDC to 120VAC at 1000W continuous. The pure sine wave output ensures that your sensitive electronics receive consistent power with no harmful surges and spikes. You can use this inverter for 12V and 24V battery systems or with 12V or 24V appliances like laptops, televisions, power tools—even your electric vehicle!

Efficiency: >90%-

When selecting the best inverter for home inverter for your needs, efficiency is one of the most critical factors. The higher an inverter’s efficiency rating is, the less power it will use and, therefore, cheaper it will be to run. Inverters are typically between 80 and 95 per cent efficient. For example, if a 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter has an efficiency rating of 90%, it will only consume 850 watts of power (1000 watts divided by 0.9). It means that the inverter will use less power and be cheaper to run. The lower an inverter’s efficiency rating is, the more power it will consume, and this can significantly increase your electricity bills.

LED Display (Voltage, Frequency, DC Amperage)

We use an LED display to show you the battery’s voltage, frequency and current consumption. It’s easy to read, understand and use. It’s also capable of powering up to 800 watts of AC power, making it ideal for small homes and cabins where you need to run appliances like a microwave or coffee maker device has a built-in safety feature that shuts off the power when it detects an error. It will help to prevent damage to your battery and other parts of your vehicle. The compact design allows you to easily store it in your glove box, toolbox or suitcase. The unit is equipped with a 120V AC receptacle for you to plug in any standard household extension cord so that you can use it virtually anywhere there’s a cigarette lighter socket available. The device is easy to use and simple to install. It comes with a mounting bracket that you can use to mount on your car’s or RV’s wall.

Reliable inverter for the money

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this model. It has an impressive 3-year warranty, and its remote control panel makes installation simple. The inverter is also compatible with most recreational vehicles and motorhomes, making it a good choice for camping or home backup power solutions. The digital display is easy to read and gives you the voltage, frequency and current discharging from the battery. The digital display also shows you how many amp hours are left in your battery so that you know when it needs recharging unit has a capacity of 12,000 AH and is used to power three AC circuits or one 400-amp battery charger. It also has an integrated breakaway system that protects your RV in the event of a collision or crash. The batteries can discharge up to 80% without damaging them, so they’re safe for long-term use and maintenance-free. The design of the unit is such that it can power three AC circuits or one 400-amp battery charger. It also has an integrated breakaway system that protects your RV in the event of a collision or crash.


If you’re looking for an inverter that will last and provide you with plenty of power, this Pure Sine Wave unit is a great choice. As long as there are no significant issues with your electrical system and you have the proper wiring for this unit, it should work well for your needs. It can run up to 1000 watts continuously, which is more than enough power for most home appliances or devices such as TVs, computers or refrigerators if needed!


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