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Buy Our Heavy Duty Lawn Mowing Trailers in Australia

The Austrailers Queensland Lawn mowing trailers are an ideal way to transport your lawn mowing equipment around your property. Its design and durability make it perfect for professional, landscapers or domestic use.

Austrailers Queensland manufactures and sells Lawn mowing trailer

Austrailers Queensland manufactures and sells Lawn mowing trailers with a heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, fully lockable, with a removable lid for convenience. It is fitted with two large heavy-duty wheels that allow users to easily maneuver the unit over uneven terrain. It makes them ideal for transporting garden equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers and other tools.

The Lawn mowing trailer is designed for the professional user, landscaper or domestic use

The lawn mowing trailer is designed for the professional user, landscaper or domestic use.The Lawn Mowing Trailer can transport lawnmowers, lawn edgers and other garden items around your property. The gate folds away when not in use and can be locked with a padlock if required. The trolley has a heavy-duty rear axle to carry up to 300kgs of weight. It is perfect for transporting more oversized items such as motorized ride-on mowers or other machinery.

Fully welded checker plate floor with steel mudguards and light board

The robust mudguards protect the checker plate from damage when moving around on rough terrain. And the light board reduces the risk of tripping over your equipment in low-light conditions!

Hot dipped galvanized finish

Hot-dipping galvanizing involves dipping the metal in molten zinc to create a rust-resistant coating. This process ensures that your trailer will last for years to come!

Galvanized steel is a popular option for trailers because it’s extremely durable. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and doesn’t rust easily. The zinc coating also makes the trailer easier to clean, which helps prevent dirt from building up inside the trailer bed. The thickness of galvanized steel is also an essential factor to consider. The thicker the metal, the more durable it will be.

Split drop-down tailgate

The trailer has a split drop-down tailgate, an optional extra. It means that the rear of your trailer has two separate halves, one on each side of your vehicle. Split drop-down tailgates are a great feature, and they can help you out with loading and unloading. They are especially useful if you carry large items on your trailers, such as machinery and other things that need extra support while moving around.

The trailer also has a full-width rear door, another excellent feature. A wide door makes loading and unloading items from your trailer much easier because you don’t have to squeeze them through a small opening like you do with standard drop-down tailgates.

We integrated a hand-winch mechanism with a removable crank handle

The integrated hand-winch mechanism makes it easy to lift and attach a lawn mower to the trailer without needing external lifting devices. The removable crank handle allows easy trailer transport without carrying the heavy hand winch around and will enable you to store it safely out of harm’s way.

The trailer has a weight capacity of 500 lbs, sufficient for most lawnmowers and even some small tractors. The wide-base high-flotation tires make it easy to tow the trailer over rough terrain.The trailer has a pin-type hitch connector compatible with most lawnmowers and small tractors. The trailer uses a standard 3/4″ ball coupler hitch, which makes it easy to attach the trailer to your tow vehicle.

Fitted with 6″ Jockey Wheel (Optional spare wheel)

If you have a lawn mowing machine that you need to transport on the trailer, it would be best to purchase an 8″ jockey wheel, so it will fit more securely into place and prevent any slipping when going over rough terrain.

If you have questions about what size jockey wheel to buy for your trailer, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can choose from aluminium or steel wheels; they are both lightweight, but the steel ones are more durable and last longer than aluminium jockey wheels.

Lawn-mowing trailers are an ideal way to transport your lawn-mowing equipment around your property

A Lawn mowing trailer is an ideal way to transport your lawn mowing equipment around your property.The Australian-built Lawn mowing trailer is an excellent addition to any home. The galvanized steel floor gives the trailer a durable and long-lasting structure that will hold up through years of use.

The mowing trailer’s design is simple and easy to use. The galvanized steel floor has a locking mechanism that allows quick access to the mower, making it ideal for those who want to do their lawn mowing.


Lawn-mowing trailers are ideal for transporting lawn-mowing equipment around your property. They have many different uses, so if you require something that will be solid and durable, this is the perfect product for you!