A cupping therapy melbourne can help you with neck and body pain

cupping therapy melbourne, cupping treatment melbourne

Cupping therapy Melbourne is a form of alternative medicine that has thousands of years of history. The therapy involves suction using cups placed on the skin to create local inflammation and stimulate blood flow. It’s known to work well for pain management and other health conditions, including anxiety, depression, musculoskeletal issues, insomnia and more.

Cupping therapy is a simple, non-invasive and drug-free solution to neck and body pain caused by stress and tension

Cupping is base on the traditional Chinese medicine principle of Qi (pronounced “chee”), which means energy or vital force. The cups create suction that pulls blood into the upper layers of skin to help relieve muscle stiffness, tension or pain. The cups also encourage lymphatic circulation, which helps your body eliminate toxins and waste products. Lymph is a clear fluid that travels through tiny vessels in the body, carrying white blood cells to fight infection. When you have a massage with cupping therapy, the suction created by the cups pulls up the skin on your back and neck so it tightens like an accordion. The pressure may feel uncomfortable at first, but most people say it feels good within a few minutes.

cupping therapy melbourne, cupping treatment melbourne

Cupping therapy can help relieve anxiety and depression

Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses suction to pull blood to the surface of the skin. It is most commonly used for musculoskeletal pain, such as neck or back pain, but it can be useful for relieving stress and anxiety as well. The suction from cupping therapy will increase circulation as well as relax muscles, which can help you sleep better. In addition to these physical benefits, many people report that they feel calmer after getting a cupping treatment because they feel more relaxed mentally and emotionally afterward.

Cupping therapy can also help heal injuries caused by athletic activity

If you were playing football and strained your shoulder, cupping could be an effective way to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with that injury. If you love playing sports but are experiencing pain that keeps you from participating in your favorite games or workouts, there’s no reason to give up on them altogether! Cupping is one of many alternative treatments available to athletes who want to get back out there without worrying about injuring themselves further. It’s a safe and effective method for easing pain while helping your body recover from an injury like a muscle strain or sprain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been using cupping for thousands of years.

The practice of cupping therapy is thousands of years old, and it has been use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for many generations. It’s a non-invasive alternative to drugs and surgery that can be perform at home to help relieve pain from various conditions. The process involves applying suction to the area where you’re experiencing pain, which helps pull blood from the muscles and tissues into your skin. This increases blood flow to the area, which sends oxygenated blood flowing back into your muscles for faster healing time.

There are two main types of cupping. One involves fire, the other involves suction.

Fire cupping involves using a flame to create a small burn on the skin, which creates suction when placed over the area. Vacuum cupping uses suction to create a vacuum-like effect in the cups, pulling blood vessels near your skin outward so they expand and bring more blood flow to that area. The technology behind cupping dates back more than 2,000 years. It’s thought that the ancient Chinese were the first to use suction cups as a form of treatment. The cups are place on the skin, creating a suction effect that pulls blood vessels near your surface out of their normal position. When you remove the cups from your skin, a bruise-like mark will appear. This is because when blood vessels expand, they rupture and leak into surrounding tissue.

Suction cupping creates a vacuum using heat from water, an earthenware pump, or a hand pump instead of fire.

The suction cupping therapy melbourne creates a vacuum using heat from water, an earthenware pump, or a hand pump instead of fire. The suction effect causes the blood vessels near your skin to expand. This brings more blood flow to the area where the cups are place. You can leave cupping on for up to 20 minutes and it’s recommended that you keep them in place during this time period. After removing them, be careful not to hold any tension in your muscles as this may cause bruising if done incorrectly. If you do experience bruising, treat it the same way you would with any other bruises (ice packs applied several times throughout day, etc.).

The suction effect causes the blood vessels near your skin to expand. This brings more blood flow to the area where the cups are place.

The suction effect also causes your body to release endorphins—natural pain medications produced by your brain. The increased blood flow can help loosen up tight muscles and relieve tension in sore areas of your neck or back, which may be causing you pain. Cupping therapy is also believed to help relieve pain by opening up the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of ducts that carry fluid called lymph throughout your body. Lymph helps remove excess fluid, bacteria and waste products from tissues, delivering them to the bloodstream for disposal. Cupping therapy can also help improve blood circulation by opening up the blood vessels in your skin and muscles.

Cupping therapy is less painful than you fear it will be

In fact, it can be very relaxing and feel good. While most people have heard of cupping therapy, they may not know what to expect from a session or whether it would work for them. Cupping is an ancient Chinese medical practice that involves placing small glass cups on the skin and creating suction in order to increase blood flow and release toxins from the body.Cupping therapy can also help clear your lymph nodes, which are small structures located throughout your body that filter out toxins and bacteria. The increased blood flow caused by cupping therapy may help these lymph nodes remove waste products from your body.


The neck is a very sensitive area of the body and when it becomes tense, it can lead to headaches and other pains. Cupping treatment melbourne is one way you can treat the pain in your neck. This type of treatment involves using small glass cups that are heat with fire and then gently placed on your skin over the problem area. The suction created will pull away toxins from your muscles, ligaments or joints which reduces inflammation as well as pain!


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